200 Things To Do In Illinois – Superdawg

Illinois celebrated its bicentennial as a state in December of 2018.  To celebrate, the Chicago Tribune published the Bicentennial Bucket List: 200 Things To Do In Illinois, celebrating the best the state has to offer in history, food, architecture, culture, sports, nature, drink, and oddities.  With the state still shut down due to the corona virus outbreak, I figured this was the second-best time to look through this collection and cover the ones I’ve done/eaten/seen.

We kick things off with one of the entries from the Food category: Superdawg, from Chicago, IL.

A Chicago-style hot dog with all the trimmings comes with a heaping side of nostalgia at Norwood Park’s 70-year-old Superdawg Drive-In.  No need to leave the car; place your order via the intercom and wait for a server to emerge with your order in a retro cardboard box filled with stubby crinkle-cut fries.

Another north side tradition that I was unfamiliar with growing up, but was introduced to after starting to work up north in 1997.  I don’t remember the first time I went to Superdawg, but my most memorable trip would have been on September 11, 2001.  There weren’t many cars in the lot that day, but it was a nice opportunity to catch up on the radio news of the events of the morning.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been down to the original location, thanks to the Wheeling location opening in 2010.  It may be worth a trip, once this whole shelter-in-place business is over with.

Fitbit 6: Week 9

Week 2 of sheltering in place due to the corona virus yielded similar, if slightly better results.  The week got off to a slow start on Sunday, as I managed to barely surpass 2000 steps.  Monday was a little better, as I got up to 2500 steps.  Tuesday was another improvement, going up over 3000 steps.  The weather cooperated on Wednesday, leading to an after-work walk around the neighborhood with put me up over 6600 steps, my highest total since this whole mess started.  Despite colder weather, I managed a shorter walk on Thursday, which left me around 5200 steps.  Friday brought rain, which kept me inside all day and left me back down at 2600 steps.  I got out of the house on Saturday for a trip to the bank and the grocery store, which netted me steps despite the rain.

Total steps: 26,260

Daily average: 3751.4

Fitbit 6: Week 8

My worst week since Thanksgiving, but at least I can blame it on something other than myself.  Social distancing due to the corona virus was the name of the game, especially come Sunday night when, after 2600 steps, I got the call that I would be working from home for the forseeable future.  The adventure started on Monday, where I managed only 2600 steps.  Tuesday was the high point of the week, with 5600 steps, thanks to going to vote in the IL primary and then the grocery store to stock up on supplies.  Wednesday I was able to spend a little bit more time outside, which netted me 4300 steps.  Rumors dropped on Thursday that a total shelter-in-place warning was on the way, so I ran out to the grocery store to get some additional supplies and finished with 4800 steps.  Friday, I garnered 3700 steps as the shelter-in-place order was announced.  Saturday was a complete dud of a day, falling short of 1500 steps.

Total steps: 25,276

Daily average: 3610.9

Fitbit 6: Week 7

Another disappointing week, though I did manage to surpass 40,000 steps for the first time in over a month.  Sunday, surprisingly, managed to pass 3800 steps, thanks in part to a trip to yet another carpet store.  Monday went all the way up to 5700 steps.  Tuesday managed to surpass my daily goal for the first time, coming in over 7700 steps.  Wednesday was back down, coming in six steps shy of 5400.  Thursday was another good day, with over 8200 steps.  Friday was even better, with over 9500 steps thanks in part to an after-work birthday early celebration for Michael.  Saturday was back in the pits, with only 1600 steps as the world started to collapse.

Total steps: 42,162

Daily average: 6023.1

Corona Update

The CDC issued a guidance on Sunday that any in-person events that consist of 50 or more people should be canceled or postponed for the next 8 weeks.  Assuming the need to re-prepare for a season following a 2 month layoff, that means that the 2020 baseball season is unlikely to begin before June, with some rumors saying things wouldn’t get started until July.  This would put the kibosh on my west coast trip in mid-May to see the White Sox battle the Giants and the Padres.

In more local news, schools, restaurants, and bars have been closed throughout Illinois for the remainder of the month, after revelers disregarded warnings to stay home and packed bars on Saturday to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Plus, I’ll be working from home until further notice, after a call on Sunday night to not come in.

Fitbit 6: Week 4

It’s been well over half a year since I’ve had a week above goal, and, sadly, last week was no different.  Sunday got off to a somewhat decent start, compared to recent weeks, with 4500 steps, thanks in part to a trip to Lowes to check out plumbing options.  I was home from work again on Monday, as the dehumidifiers were removed, which left me a step over 3600.  Tuesday was the high point of the week and was still over 500 steps below goal, which is pretty sad.  Wednesday managed to come in at around 6200 steps.  Thursday was down to 5200 steps, while Friday bounced back up to just under 6000.  Saturday came close to 2900 steps, despite heading out to look at carpet replacements.

Total steps: 35,365

Daily average: 5052.1

Fitbit 6: Week 3

A horrible week, in more ways than one.  I actually got off to a pretty decent start on Sunday, thanks to trips to Costco and the grocery store, which left me with over 6100 steps.  I managed to surpass my daily goal on Monday by 92 steps.  Tuesday, things fell apart as I came home to a ceiling leaking water from the upstairs to the downstairs and then into the basement.  All of the running around trying to contain the damage left me with nearly 7100 steps.  I worked from home on Wednesday to let in the salvage/cleaning crew and managed only 3200 steps.  Thursday I put in half a day at work before coming home to see the destruction of the hardwood floor in the kitchen, gaining 3900 steps along the way.  I was home again on Friday, which left me with only 3200 steps.  Saturday was another black hole of a day, with a mere 3400 steps.

Total steps: 34,639

Daily average: 4948.4

Fitbit 6: Week 2

Yet another disappointing week.  Things got off to a typical slow start on Sunday, coming in a mere 1 step shy of 3000.  Monday was the best day of the week, earning over 9400 steps.  Tuesday and Wednesday were limited thanks to all day meetings with IBM in Schaumburg, so I pulled down 4200 and 3800 respectively.  Thursday bounced back over goal, thanks in part to a post-work snowblowing session, and finished with 8300 steps.  Friday was another disappointment, with 5600 steps.  Saturday was its usual mess, with only 2200 steps.

Total steps: 36,689

Daily average: 5241.3

Fitbit 6: Week 1

We kick off the 6th year of Fitbit use with yet another down week, though I continue to trend in the right direction.  The week got off to a better than usual  start on Sunday, with 3800 steps, thanks to my trip to the Chicago Magic Lounge the night before which kept me out past midnight.  Monday managed to just slip past my old/continuing goal of 7500 steps, despite a double whammy of PI planning in the morning and a DevOps workshop in the afternoon.  Tuesday was not as lucky, as I was only able to score 5600 steps.  Wednesday was a nice bounce back, with 7600 steps on the nose as we wrapped up PI planning.  The workshop wrapped up on Thursday, though I managed to net over 9300 steps.  Friday combined a morning trip to the Tech Café with an afternoon coffee run to score 8700 steps.  Saturday was another disappointment, getting only 4000 steps despite a trip to Evanston for the Purdue/Northwestern basketball game.

Total steps: 46,827

Daily average: 6689.6

Fitbit V: Week 52

We wrap up the year with yet another bad week, though things look to be trending in the right direction as I broke 40,000 steps for the first time since early November.  Things, as usual, got off to a bad start on Sunday, with just over 2200 steps.  Monday was the big day of the week, coming in over 9100 steps.  Tuesday finished over 7600 steps, but set the tone for the rest of the week as I discovered that my furnace had given up the ghost.  Wednesday, I left work early to come home in the afternoon to wait for the repairman, which left me with only 5400 steps.  I repeated that same schedule on Thursday, this time waiting for the installers to arrive with the new furnace, which netted me 4900 steps.  When the install took until 1:30 AM Friday morning, I took the opportunity to leave at lunch for third consecutive day, which I ended with 6100 steps.  Saturday, I ventured out into the city for an exciting night at the Chicago Magic Lounge, which put me just over 5000 steps.

Oh, and I also managed to get roped into a step challenge at work, so I hope that is motivation to start moving again.

Total steps: 40,631

Weekly average: 5804.4