GlobalFit III: Week 3

Y3Week3Overall, it was not a great week, though that will be masked somewhat thanks to Saturday’s huge total, which ranks as my second highest day since I started this endeavor 2 years and 3 weeks ago.  Only 3 days crossed the 5000 step day, although one of them far surpassed it and made the overall numbers for the week look good.

My main goal for this year’s BTN Big 10K 5K race was to beat my time from last year, which was 54:10.  In that regard, I guess you would have to say I failed, as my time was 40 seconds slower, at 54:50, good enough for 3981st place out of 4132 total participants.  That said, I could have improved my time, but there was a group of us walking together and the social aspects kept us all together.

After the race, I hurried back to the Metra station from the museum campus, which was a hike in and of itself, and then put in some more steps by starting to walk home from the train station after my ride mysteriously did not show up.

Total steps: 48,524

Weekly average: 6932

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