April All Time Leaders – Through 2020

With a full year of baseball on tap after last year’s troubles due to a combination of the corona virus and needless labor squabbles, I thought it would be interesting to look at the all time leaders in both offensive and defensive categories for each month in games that I have attended.

The traditional beginning of the baseball season, opening day has played a part in my attending 155 games during the month.  I’ve managed to see a game on every day of the month, with 9 games on the 5th, 7th. and 12th and a single game on both the 1st and the 3rd.

Home Runs

Name Total
Paul Konerko 18
Adam Dunn 12
Jim Thome 8


Name Total
Paul Konerko 67
Aramis Ramirez 45
Derrek Lee 44


Name Total
Paul Konerko 36
Derrek Lee 36
Aramis Ramirez 31


Name Total
Paul Konerko 42
Aramis Ramirez 33
Adam Dunn 30


Name Total
Paul Konerko 14
Aramis Ramirez 12
Derrek Lee 10

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Fitbit VII – Week 12

An overall disappointing week, despite managing to get out of the house once or twice for some baseball.  The week started off decently on Sunday, as a trip to Guaranteed Rate Field followed by Michael’s birthday celebration left me with 5200 steps.  Monday was the high point of the week, as I combined a trip to CVS for vaccine shot #2 with another game to surpass my daily goal of 7500 steps.  Tuesday, I was feeling the after-effects of either the shot or the late night cold game, so I dropped back down to 4200 steps.  I was feeling better on Wednesday, but meetings limited me to just 2700 steps.  An off day on Thursday for a day game for the White Sox against the Indians left me with 5500 steps.  Friday fell back down a bit, with only 3900 steps.  Saturday was a waste, finishing with a mere 2200 steps.

Total steps: 31,473

Daily average: 4496.1

Oh No-No

Last December, after 6 years of injuries and unmet expectations, the White Sox cut ties with Carlos Rodon, their first round pick in the 2014 draft.  On February 1, they brought him back, at a reduced rate, as back of the rotation insurance.  After a strong spring, he beat our Reynaldo Lopez for the fifth starter’s spot.  Last night, in his second start of the season, he was perfect through 25 hitters against the Indians and, after a hit batsman, ended up with the 20th no hitter in White Sox history.

This should have been my first no hitter seen in person.  But, and you knew there was going to be a but, life somehow got in the way.  I had bought tickets to the entire first homestand, so that wasn’t the issue.  Monday afternoon, I got my second vaccine shot and then headed down to Guaranteed Rate Field for that night’s game.  Ironically, Rodon was scheduled to pitch Monday, but was scratched with a stomach bug.  Tuesday, I was feeling the after-effects of the shot, the night out in the cold, or both, with a fuzzy head, chills, and body aches.  I decided to skip Tuesday night’s game.  By Wednesday morning, I was feeling pretty normal, but, with a forecast game-time temperature in the 40s, I decided to play it safe and stay home once again.  A mistake that I will have to live with for the rest of my days.

Fitbit VII – Week 9

The second week of the March Madness Step Challenge puts me over goal for the second consecutive week, the first time I’ve managed that since early August.  The week got off to a good start on Sunday, as I picked up 7800 steps.  Monday I managed to garner my first 10,000 step day since my August trip to the zoo with Danny, finishing over 10,300 as I ventured out to a not-so-local CVS to get my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.  Tuesday fell back down to 8100 steps, which I guess is still acceptable.  Wednesday finished with only 6300 steps.  Thursday bounced back, rising up to 7700 steps.  Friday was nearly as good, with over 7500 steps.  Saturday was the down day of the week, with only 4700 steps.

Total steps: 52,716

Daily average: 7530.9

April Showers

As we kick off Michael’s birthday month, we go back over a year, to the last sporting event I attended in February of 2020 before the corona virus shut down everything a few weeks later.  After the Boilermakers made a late run to hold off Northwestern at Welsh-Ryan arena, Michael and I got our picture taken by the court as we were walking out.  Little did I know that this would be the last live event I would attend.

March All Time Leaders – Through 2020

With a full year of baseball on tap after last year’s troubles due to a combination of the corona virus and needless labor squabbles, I thought it would be interesting to look at the all time leaders in both offensive and defensive categories for each month in games that I have attended.

Thanks to the recent collective bargaining agreement adding more off days during the regular season,  opening day has been moving earlier into March over the past couple of seasons.  Despite that, I have only attended 2 March games coming in to this year, with both of them coming on the 31st, in 2003 and 2014.

Home Runs

Name Total
Alejandro de Aza 2
Corey Patterson 2


Name Total
Corey Patterson 4
Mark Grudzielanek 3
11 tied with 2


Name Total
Sammy Sosa 3
Hee Seop Choi 3
5 tied with 2


Name Total
Corey Patterson 7
Mark Bellhorn 4
Alejandro de Aza 3
Kurt Suzuki 3


Name Total
Jeromy Burnitz 2
8 tied with 1

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2021 Predictions

After a year of pandemic-related shut downs and a truncated 60-game schedule last year, the 2021 baseball season is scheduled to kick off on Thursday with a full slate of games and some percentage of fans back in the stands.  For the eleventh consecutive year, I’ve looked into the crystal ball to make my picks for the upcoming season.

American League

East: Yankees

Central: Twins

West: Astros

Wild Cards: White Sox, Blue Jays

AL Champion: Yankees

Cy Young: Lucas Giolito

MVP: Aaron Judge

National League

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Active Batting Leaders – Through 2020

baseballs2Last month, we looked at the overall leaders on both sides of the ball from all of the games I’ve attended between 1984 and 2020.  With spring training managing to keep going despite the continuing pandemic due to the corona virus, Opening Day is right around the corner.  Let’s take another look at those numbers, limiting it to players that are still active heading in to the 2021 season.

Home Runs

Name Total
Jose Abreu 36
Tim Anderson 16
Avisail Garcia 15
Gordon Beckham 15
Melky Cabrera 14


Name Total
Jose Abreu 193
Gordon Beckham 146
Melky Cabrera 132
Tim Anderson 113
Adam Eaton 105


Name Total
Jose Abreu 89
Gordon Beckham 85
Tim Anderson 62
Avisail Garcia 58
Adam Eaton 52


Name Total
Jose Abreu 106
Gordon Beckham 71
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Fitbit VII – Week 7

We wrap up a full year of pandemic-induced working from home with a pretty decent week, my best weekly total since I went to Michigan in September.  Spring-like weather helped me get the week off to a good start on Sunday, as I took an afternoon walk to listen to the White Sox game on the radio and finished 10 steps shy of 7700, my first day over goal in over a month.  I managed to better my performance on Monday, racking up over 7900 steps and finishing over goal two days in a row for the first time since early November.  Tuesday was yet another winner, with 7800 steps, giving me 3 straight days over goal for the first time since that September trip to Michigan.  Things fell apart a bit on Wednesday, where meetings kept me chained to my desk all day and left me with only 3200 steps.  Thursday saw a decent bounce back, as I was able to get back up to 5900 steps.  Friday saw another slight decline, coming 17 steps shy of 5300.  Saturday saw a nice improvement, despite the spring-like weather starting to fade, finishing over 6000 steps.

Total steps: 43,992

Daily average: 6284.6

The Fans Are Back

After a year with no fans in the stands due to the corona virus, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced yesterday that fans can return for 2021 starting on Opening Day with 20% capacity.  That will put 8,122 fans at Guaranteed Rate Field when the White Sox open their home season on April 8th and 8,274 fans at Wrigley Field when the Cubs start their season on April 1.  Fans will still be required to wear masks and there must be at least six feet between groups in the stands.

Both teams plan to limit sales to season ticket holders initially, before moving out to the general public.  In an email to season ticket holders, the Cubs announced that April games will be either refunded or credited, with an option to purchase single game tickets in pods of one through four people spread throughout the ballpark, including reserved seating in the bleachers.  The White Sox have not released specific information yet, though  I imagine my 19 year White Sox Opening Day streak is in jeopardy.