Fitbit 6: Week 31

Week 24 of working from home due to the corona virus saw a big slip back, as I posted my worst week since the beginning of May.  Sunday turned out to be the best day of the week, as a couple of walks outside led me to 6900 steps.  Unfortunately for the rest of the week, it also resulted in my fall allergies kicking in.  Monday fell down to 4900 steps.  Tuesday was even worse, with only 2800 steps.  Wednesday bounced back a bit, but still was only 1 step shy of 3600.  Thursday. despite a midday trip out for ice cream with Michael,  I only managed 3000 steps.  Friday and Saturday I failed to reach even 2000 steps.

Total steps: 24,980

Daily average: 3568.6

Back To School

School is back in session and we have Michael to bring us into fall.  The main photo is from his graduation last spring.  Surrounding it, clockwise from the top left, is a shot of him on the field at Guaranteed Rate Field, posing with White Sox legend Bill Melton at Grinder Bash, with Danny at the WWII Memorial in DC, on the balcony at the Newseum with the Capitol building in the background, with Danny again at Miller Park in Milwaukee, and at his final junior high band concert.

The Dog Days Of Summer

As we prepare to enter the dog days of summer, we have 4 shots of Angelina and Michael.  First, they pose in front of the Beverly Hills sign from New Year’s Eve 2018.  Next is a shot of them from the Capitol Building and then outside the White House from last June’s trip to DC.  Finally, from Warner Bros. Studio is a picture of them next to the Privet Drive street sign from Harry Potter.

Fitbit 6: Week 26

Week 19 of working from home due to the corona virus was again still below my weekly goal, but, following up from last week, is again much more in line with what I would put up while going to work.  For the second straight week, I posted my best numbers since November.  The week got off to a slower start on Sunday, finishing with only 4300 steps.  Monday saw a marked improvement, coming in over 7100 steps.  Tuesday saw a slight downgrade due to meetings, coming in at 5100 steps.  Things picked up on Wednesday, surpassing my daily goal for the first time this week with 7600 steps.  Thursday I managed my first 10,000 step day since April, finishing with 10,100 steps thanks to an afternoon walk around the Lockport Park District while waiting for Michael to finish swim practice.  Friday was another successful day, coming in over 8300 steps and giving me 3 straight days over goal for the first time since the end of January.  I was in position to try to meet my weekly goal on Saturday, but I fell off again, finishing with only 4800 steps.

Total steps: 47,595

Daily average: 6799.3

Celebrating Independence

Danny takes the spotlight as we enter the second half of 2020.  The main shot of him is after corralling a foul ball at the May 17th game between the Blue Jays and the White Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field.  Next, he is posing in the outfield at Baltimore’s Camden Yards, followed by him and Michael at Washington’s Nationals Park.  Finally, he stands on the balcony outside the top floor of the Newseum in Washington DC.

Lay Back Cause It’s Summertime

We reach the halfway point, with 6 months down and only 6 to go in the 2020 calendar.  This month, we have multiple shots of Angelina from the New Year’s trip to Los Angeles at the end of 2018.  We start with a shot of her posing on a lookout in Los Angeles with good views of the Hollywood sign.  Next, we have her and Michael in the float barn in Pasadena.  Below that, she drinks her coffee at the Central Perk shop at Warner Bros. Studios in beautiful Burbank.  Finally, another shot of her and Michael waiting outside of Roscoe’s Chicken N Waffles.

200 Things To Do In Illinois – Chocolate Cake Shake

Illinois celebrated its bicentennial as a state in December of 2018.  To celebrate, the Chicago Tribune published the Bicentennial Bucket List: 200 Things To Do In Illinois, celebrating the best the state has to offer in history, food, architecture, culture, sports, nature, drink, and oddities.  With the state still shut down due to the corona virus outbreak, I figured this was the second-best time to look through this collection and cover the ones I’ve done/eaten/seen.

We continue things this week with one of the entries from the Drink category: Chocolate Cake Shake, from Villa Park, IL.

Portillo’s chocolate cake is legendary, and it’s a treat made all the more lip-smacking when jacked up with ice cream and given a run in the blender.  Indulge at the Portillo’s in the western suburb where the hot dog empire was born in the early ’60s.

Truth be told, I don’t know if I’ve ever had a chocolate cake shake.  I’ve certainly purchased my fair share, though, as it’s a favorite for both Danny and Michael.

Fitbit 6: Week 7

Another disappointing week, though I did manage to surpass 40,000 steps for the first time in over a month.  Sunday, surprisingly, managed to pass 3800 steps, thanks in part to a trip to yet another carpet store.  Monday went all the way up to 5700 steps.  Tuesday managed to surpass my daily goal for the first time, coming in over 7700 steps.  Wednesday was back down, coming in six steps shy of 5400.  Thursday was another good day, with over 8200 steps.  Friday was even better, with over 9500 steps thanks in part to an after-work birthday early celebration for Michael.  Saturday was back in the pits, with only 1600 steps as the world started to collapse.

Total steps: 42,162

Daily average: 6023.1