Midseason Review – Sundays

With the advent of winter premieres, the start of the premium cable network shows, and with February sweeps around the corner, it’s time to revisit my thoughts from the beginning of the season and look ahead at what’s to come for Sunday nights.


SEAL Team – The fifth season starts on CBS for a month of episodes before being banished to the Paramount+ streaming service.

Well, I managed to watch the three or four episodes that aired before the show headed off to Paramount+. I’m sure I’ll catch up on the rest the next time I score a short-term subscription to that service.

Now, let’s see what interesting tidbits are coming this spring:

Euphoria – The long delayed second season finally started two weeks back on HBO.

2021 New Fall Season – Thursdays

old-tv-set1Thursday night was traditionally the busiest night of the week for my television viewing habits, but has fallen off over the past couple of years.  This year is no exception.  Here’s what’s on the slate for this season.


The Blacklist – The show continues on for a ninth season 9 without Megan Boone’s Elizabeth Keene for some reason.


Ghosts – Rose McIver stars in this adaptation of a BBC show about a couple who think they are getting a beautiful country house but instead find it is falling apart and haunted.

Grey’s Anatomy – Old friends are supposed to return for the medical drama’s 18th season, with Kate Walsh and Abigail Spencer announced to show up.


Big Sky – I still haven’t watched the second story of season one, so season two may need to wait.

2021 New Fall Season – Wednesdays

old-tv-set1We have reached the half way point of our look at the offerings for the new fall season.  Here’s what Wednesdays have on tap for the fall.


Legends of Tomorrow – Season seven moves to Wednesdays, which I look forward to tackling as soon as I start and finish season six.


The Conners – How this made four seasons, I will never know.


Home Economics – After a entertaining-enough first season as a mid-season replacement, we’ll see if they can keep it up now that they’re running with the big boys.

2021 New Fall Season – Tuesdays

old-tv-set1Continuing our look at the new fall season, here are the offerings that I may find myself interested in for Tuesdays.


The Flash – The gang returns for their eighth season, and hopefully I work through the seventh beforehand.


La Brea – This feels like one of the many Lost copycats of year’s past that will pull you in just long enough to get invested and then will get cancelled.

Double Jeopardy

After Alex Trebek passed away in November, Jeopardy! producers must have hoped that their chosen replacement would rival his 36 year stint as host of the long running quiz show, becoming just as beloved.  Unfortunately, it’s back to the drawing board on that one. Mike Richards, the executive producer who was announced as Trebek’s successor a mere 9 days ago, has stepped down from the role after a long week of scandal reveals and inappropriate comments from a podcast he hosted years ago.  Richards began filming the start of the 38th season on Thursday, and those shows will air for the sake of the contestants.

For the time being, Richards will remain as the executive producer of both Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, but you have to imagine that is a temporary measure as his credibility is shot, especially for whoever ultimately replaces him as host.  I can’t imagine a way this could have been handled worse by Sony Pictures Television, who seemingly did no background investigation on Richards prior to hiring him for either job. Or, even worse, they did and didn’t see a problem until the public was made aware.  His podcast was troublesome enough that when asked to comment on it, he deleted both the episodes and the server that hosted them.

In the long run, this may turn out to be a good thing.  Whoever replaced Trebek was going to be under unbelievable scrutiny from fans and players alike.  Now, whoever ultimately gets the job is replacing Richards, and they really have nowhere to go but up.

A New Era

Nearly 9 months after the death of Alex Trebek, Sony Pictures Television has found their new hosts (yes, hosts) for Jeopardy!.  Mike Richards, who became the executive producer of Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune for the 2020-2021 season, has been named the host of the daily syndicated version of the show.  Richards, who guest hosted for two weeks at the end of February and into March, had previously hosted the 2012 revival of The Pyramid for Game Show Network and was the executive producer of The Price is Right and Let’s Make A Deal for over a decade before joining Sony in 2020.

In addition to Richards, Mayim Bialik will host primetime and spinoff series, including the upcoming Jeopardy! National College Championship set to air on ABC next year.  Bialik, the former Blossom and Big Bang Theory star, guest hosted for two weeks at the end of May and the beginning of June.

When word first leaked of Richards getting the job, complaints about harassments lawsuits during his time at The Price is Right surfaced, along with him seemingly having lied about the circumstances around his guest hosting stint.  A skeptic might say the Bialik move was an attempt to head off criticisms of yet another white man gaming the system to get a job, although I also wonder how much someone like Bialik would be interested in the main gig, given her other commitments.