A Class Of One

With the unneeded lockout still in full effect, the baseball world had nothing to distract it yesterday from the small hamlet of Cooperstown in upstate New York, where the votes were tallied, and the 2021 Hall of Fame class completed with one additional member.  Former Red Sox DH David Ortiz scored 77.9% of the vote to earn enshrinement in his first election.

Six others tallied greater than 50% of the vote, led by Barry Bonds, who jumped up to 66% in his final go around on the ballot.  Roger Clemens was right behind him at 65.2% and will also leave his fate to the veteran’s committee.  Scott Rolen saw another big jump, rising to 63.2% and looks like he’s on track to eventually make it.  Curt Schilling, who threw a temper tantrum after not getting elected last year, saw a bit drop and ended his 10-year run with 58.6% of the vote.  Todd Helton and Billy Wagner continued to make strides, coming in at 52% and 51%, respectively, though Helton has more time on his side to make a good run towards induction.

On the local front, former White Sox outfielder Andruw Jones saw a large increase, going up to 41.1%.  Manny Ramirez, who spent a little more than a month with the White Sox, stayed about even, finishing with 28.9% of the vote thanks to his multiple PED suspensions.  The disgraced Omar Vizquel, who added sexual abuse of an autistic teen to the spousal abuse charges that had popped up the previous year, dropped even further, to 23.9%.  In his last go-around, former Cub superstar Sammy Sosa saw a small increase to 18.5%.  Jimmy Rollins, who spent the final 41 games of his career on the south side, picked up 9.4% in his first go-around.  Mark Buehrle saw his percentage cut in half, to 5.8%. but lives to fight another day.  Justin Morneau, who spent the final 58 games of his career with the White Sox, picked up 5 votes.  A.J. Pierzynski scored 2, while his former battery mate Jake Peavy was tossed a shutout.

Fifteen players will fall off the ballot, either due to reaching 10 years or failing to score 5% of the vote.

As for the newest Hall of Famer, I’ve seen Ortiz play 24 times, including the 2005 ALDS.  He joins Bud Fowler, Gil Hodges, Jim Kaat, Minnie Minoso, Tony Oliva and Buck O’Neil, who were elected by the veteran’s committees in December, in the class of 2022.  They will all get their day in the sun on Sunday, July 24.

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Midseason Review – Wednesdays

We have reached the halfway point of our look back at my thoughts on the offerings for the new fall season.  Here’s what Wednesdays had on tap for the fall.


Legends of Tomorrow – Season seven moves to Wednesdays, which I look forward to tackling as soon as I start and finish season six.

Yep, still a season behind on this one.  I’m sure I’ll catch up one of these days.


The Conners – How this made four seasons, I will never know.

You know, it isn’t bad, but it’s not really good either?  I wonder if this has any audience that didn’t watch Roseanne back in the day?


Home Economics – After an entertaining-enough first season as a mid-season replacement, we’ll see if they can keep it up now that they’re running with the big boys.

I’m still enjoying this.  Hopefully others are as well, and it sticks around for a while.

And now the new entries:

Pam and Tommy – Hulu brings us this series detailing the relationship between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

Midseason Review – Tuesdays

Continuing our look back at my thoughts on the new fall season, with the offerings that I found myself interested in for Tuesdays.


The Flash – The gang returns for their eighth season, and hopefully I work through the seventh beforehand.

Having just recently finished the seventh season, I haven’t quite jumped into these just yet.


La Brea – This feels like one of the many Lost copycats of year’s past that will pull you in just long enough to get invested and then will get cancelled.

I watched the first episode and, truth be told, it didn’t seem like something I wanted to get involved with unless I knew it was worth it.  I haven’t seen anything that leads me to believe it would be.

Now, let’s see what interesting tidbits are coming this spring:

Black-ish – The eighth and final season finally gets underway.

Naomi – The latest DC superhero adaptation on the CW and the first one for a character created after I stopped reading comics.

Superman & Lois – Assuming I ever watch season one, I’m sure I’ll be onboard for season two.


Midseason Review – Sundays

With the advent of winter premieres, the start of the premium cable network shows, and with February sweeps around the corner, it’s time to revisit my thoughts from the beginning of the season and look ahead at what’s to come for Sunday nights.


SEAL Team – The fifth season starts on CBS for a month of episodes before being banished to the Paramount+ streaming service.

Well, I managed to watch the three or four episodes that aired before the show headed off to Paramount+. I’m sure I’ll catch up on the rest the next time I score a short-term subscription to that service.

Now, let’s see what interesting tidbits are coming this spring:

Euphoria – The long delayed second season finally started two weeks back on HBO.

Against The Orioles All Time Leaders – Through 2021

oriolesIn the past, we’ve looked at the all time leaders in both offensive and defensive categories for all 30 teams. This offseason, we will take our first ever look at those leaders against all 30 clubs. We continue today with the Baltimore Orioles.

The Orioles began life in 1901 as the Milwaukee Brewers, one of the charter members of the American League.  They moved to St. Louis the following year, becoming the Browns, before finally arriving in Baltimore in 1954.  I’ve seen them play 35 times in 6 different stadiums across 4 cities and 2 countries, first in 1985 at the original Comiskey Park and most recently this past May at Guaranteed Rate Field.

Home Runs

Name Total
Paul Konerko 5
7 tied with 2


Name Total
Paul Konerko 13
Jose Abreu 13
A.J. Pierzynski 12


Name Total
Paul Konerko 9
Jose Abreu 7
A.J. Pierzynski 6
Tim Anderson 6


Name Total
Paul Konerko 14
Jose Abreu 7
Yoan Moncada 6


Name Total
Jose Abreu 4
Jim Thome 3
9 tied with  2

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Fitbit VII – Week 51

A bit of a disappointment, as I managed to miss 30,000 steps for the week by a measly 11 steps.  The week got off to what passes for a decent enough start on Sunday, as I finished with 4000 steps.  Monday saw a nice increase, jumping up to 4500 steps.  Tuesday was even higher, coming in at 4700 steps.  Wednesday, as usual, was lower and fell all the way down to 3900 steps.  Thursday saw a small jump, coming 19 steps shy of 4200.  Friday was the best day of the week, surpassing 5200 steps.  Saturday ended up as the worst day of the week, due to a muscle pull which limited me to 3400 steps.

Total steps: 29,989

Daily average: 4284.1

Book 4 (of 52) – God Spare The Girls

God Spare The Girls – Kelsey McKinney

18-year-old Caroline is looking towards her last summer at home, culminating with her sister’s wedding, when the bombshell of her father’s affair drops.  With her faith in her father (and her Father) rattled, she and her sister move in to their grandmother’s old ranch, where they grow closer together and look towards their individual future plans.  When her father’s affair is swept under the rug, both at church and at home, Caroline tries to decide if she can forgive him or it she’s ready to blaze her own path.

I was familiar with Kelsey McKinney’s non-fiction writing as a blogger at Defector.com, so I decided to dive in to God Spare The Girls, her debut novel without much advance information as to its subject matter.  I’m not sure what I expected, but a coming-of-age story about the daughter of a megachurch pastor was certainly not it.  I did find myself rooting for the characters to get their happy endings, which I would say one did and one didn’t, and it was certainly well-written, but this really didn’t fall into my wheelhouse.  Maybe next time I’ll take a closer look at the subject matter before checking the book out of the library.

Against The Marlins All Time Leaders – Through 2021

In the past, we’ve looked at the all time leaders in both offensive and defensive categories for all 30 teams. This offseason, we will take our first ever look at those leaders against all 30 clubs. We continue today with the Miami Marlins.

The Marlins began life in 1993, joining the National League along with the Rockies.  In 2012, they rebranded as the Miami Marlins in conjunction with the opening of their new, tax payer funded stadium in the city of Miami.  I’ve seen them play 25 times, including 3 victories during their unlikely triumph in the 2003 NLCS against the Cubs and once, as the home team against the Expos, at US Cellular Field in 2004, but not since 2013.

Home Runs

Name Total
Derrek Lee 5
Sammy Sosa 3
Ryan Theriot 2
Alex Gonzalez 2
Moises Alou 2
Aramis Ramirez 2


Name Total
Derrek Lee 16
Sammy Sosa 12
Aramis Ramirez 11


Name Total
Derrek Lee 9
Sammy Sosa 9
Aramis Ramirez 5


Name Total
Derrek Lee 12
Sammy Sosa 6
Aramis Ramirez 6
Alex Gonzalez 6
Jerry Hairston Jr. 6


Name Total
Derrek Lee 5
Sammy Sosa 3
Alex Gonzalez 3
Michael Barrett 3
Jeromy Burnitz 3

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2021: The Year In Travel

In normal times, this is where I would take a look back at all of the trips I took over the past year and look ahead to what, if any. travel plans I already have for 2022.  Unfortunately, 2021 continued to be far from normal times, as the global pandemic raged on for a second year, though things did manage to open back up slightly.

My first “trip” of the year, if you can call it that, was in March.  On a Friday afternoon, I drove down to Purdue to pick up Danny, before continuing on to Indianapolis so we could watch Purdue in the NCAA tournament.  They managed to completely crap the bed, which made the whole effort worthwhile.  After the game, we traveled back the way we came and I was home early the next morning.

In August, I made my only big trip of the year, driving down to Florida for some fun in the sun.  I had rented a condo on AirBNB that was right on the water, which, thanks to the spacious deck, let me enjoy the view while relaxing and reading.  I also managed to make my first two trips to Tropicana Field, as the White Sox were in town to battle the Rays.  Those experiences did not turn out quite as well.

On the drive home, I stopped in Atlanta and managed to take in a game at Truist Park to see the Yankees battle the Braves.  The following day I completed my journey, making it home in the midst of a torrential downpour, which made the last hour or so of driving so much fun.

The only other trips were back down to Purdue for football games, one in October and two in November.  We didn’t manage to make the second game in November, but it’s the drive that matters.

Looking ahead to 2022, despite the rise in COVID cases due to the omicron variant, I’m planning to return to Hawaii later this month and the family is headed to Boston in May for Angelina’s graduation.  Other than that, there are some baseball trips I want to take this year, but nothing is solid just yet.  Here’s hoping that the world returns to some sort of normalcy, though I’m not optimistic.