Yuletide Greetings

We wrap up the year with looks back to a four different trips to the Florida, the Sunshine State.  Starting clockwise from the top left, we have sign to orient us as being in Florida, Angelina, Danny, and Michael posing with Phineas and Ferb from our 2013 trip to Disney World to celebrate Angelina’s 8th grade graduation, Angelina in front of the castle in Magic Kingdom from our one day jaunt to Disney World to celebrate her high school graduation, Danny and Michael trying to get their wands to trigger actions in Diagon Alley at Universal from our 2016 trip to celebrate Danny’s 8th grade graduation, Danny trying to get in to Disney World after breaking the scanning machine in 2013, Angelina, Danny, and Michael posing with the conductor of Hogwart’s Express from our 2010 Thanksgiving trip to Universal, and, finally, with Angelina, Danny, and Michael drying off after a ride or two on Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls.

Wake Me Up When September Ends

School is back in session and, as we head into fall, we visit our neighbors to the east in Indiana, with photos from three different trips, two Purdue football games and Danny’s marching band performance in Indianapolis in 2019.  Clockwise from the top left corner, we have Danny and Michael posing with the Neil Armstrong statue outside the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering, Danny kneeling in costume of the field at Lucas Oil Stadium, an Indiana state sign to indicate location, Danny and Michael in the stands at Ross-Ade Stadium, a younger Danny posing solo with the Neil Armstrong statue, Michael cheering Danny on, and, finally, me with Angelina, Danny, and Michael at the Engineering Fountain.

The DC Days Of Summer

We head into August with a plethora of photos from our family trip to Washington DC back in June of 2019.  Clockwise from the top left, we have Michael and our tour guide from our tour of the Capitol Building, Angelina resting by a reflecting pool, Danny and Michael at a fountain at the World War II memorial, Danny photobombing by the Capitol Building, Angelina resting (again) in Michael’s lap, the kids with the Abraham Lincoln racer at National’s Park, the three of them posing at the Smithsonian Zoo and resting on a curb, Angelina and Michael at the Capitol, and, finally, Danny, Angelina, and a photobombing squirrel resting by a tree.

Show Me Some Good Times

We start the second half of 2020 by looking west to the state of Missouri.  These pictures come from a single trip, for Danny’s band competition in 2018, starting with Angelina posing in front of a statue, the Gateway Arch to indicate where the pictures are from, Danny performing on the field, Angelina and Michael cheering in the stands, Danny and Michael standing in front of a giant chess piece at the World Chess Hall of Fame, and, finally, another shot of Danny during the performance.

Mass Appeal

We wrap up the first half of 2020 by turning our gaze to the east and the state of Massachusetts.  These pictures come from two different trips our east, the first with Danny and Michael in 2017 to see the White Sox battle the Red Sox at Fenway Park and the second in 2018 to see Angelina skate with Boston University.  The first row has Angelina performing at the BU Skating Show followed by Danny in a small chair at the Boston Science Museum.  The middle row sets the scene with a cool looking Boston Red Sox sign, followed by Angelina with her friends at the free skate after the show and, finally, Danny with his now famous Lendall Pitts card from the Boston Tea Party Museum.  The bottom row has Angelina and her teammates competing in the Cape Cod Synchronized Skating Classic, Michael measuring himself at the Science Museum, and Danny and Michael in the stands at Fenway.

Fun In Wisconsin

For May, we turn our gaze to the north and the great state of Wisconsin.  We start with two pictures from our miniature golfing stop during the road trip to Minneapolis in 2014, the first with Danny and Michael posing with a giant Bucky Badger and the second with Danny sticking his head in a plaster rhinoceros.  The final picture comes from 2019’s trip to Miller Park to see the Cubs battler the Brewers.

April Showers

As we kick off Michael’s birthday month, we go back over a year, to the last sporting event I attended in February of 2020 before the corona virus shut down everything a few weeks later.  After the Boilermakers made a late run to hold off Northwestern at Welsh-Ryan arena, Michael and I got our picture taken by the court as we were walking out.  Little did I know that this would be the last live event I would attend.

Spending Time In The Mitten

For March, we turn our gaze to the north and east towards the state of Michigan.  Every picture comes from a skating event of some sort, split between the 2016 US Synchronized Skating Championships in Kalamazoo and the 2019 Porter Classic in Ann Arbor.  The first row has a picture of Angelina skating at each event.  The second row has Danny and Michael, in the stands at the first event and with Angelina following the second.  Finally, the last row shows Angelina getting the results with the rest of her team.