FB4: Week 48

A very schizophrenic week, with 3 days over 10,000 and the other 4 below 3800.  Things got off to a good start on Sunday, where some unseasonably nice weather led to a neighborhood walk that put me over 10,700 steps.  Monday’s Christmas Eve celebrations left me under 3500 steps, while Christmas Day was no better with just over 3000 steps.  Boxing Day was the low point of the week, with less than 2300 steps.  Things improved slightly on Thursday, thanks to a lunch date in the city with Val, which garnered me nearly 3800 steps.  A flight to California on Friday, followed by a walk down Hollywood Blvd to check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame improved things dramatically, ending with over 17,200 steps.  A trip to Disneyland on Saturday to see Danny perform put me over 20,300 steps.

Total steps: 60,881

Daily average: 8697.3

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