FB4: Week 25

A tremendous week, pulling in my second highest weekly total of the year and my second highest single day total of the year and all-time.  Things got off to a slow start on Sunday, where I managed a pedestrian 3200 steps.  Monday was a nice bounce back, coming in at over 9800 steps thanks to going back and forth between Willow and South.  Tuesday was another nice day, finishing just shy of 7900 steps.  Wednesday combined work, a trip out with IBM, and some last minute shopping to come in close to 11,000 steps.  Thursday improved on that, finishing over 11,500 steps, thanks to a trip to the airport after work to head to Virginia with Val.  Friday was a slow day, as we spent the day working in Jeff’s apartment before heading out at night.  Saturday was the big day of the week, as we hiked up to McAfee Knob in the Appalachian Mountains.  All told, the day ended with 27,278 steps, taking over second place since I started tracking steps 8 years ago.

Total steps: 74,769

Daily average: 10,681.3

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