FB2: Week 8

FB2_Week8My best week since going to Toronto last September, accounting for 3 of my top 16 step days to date.  Things got off to a slow start on Sunday, as we left Virginia and traveled south to Orangeburg, South Carolina.  Monday finished above my 6000 step goal thanks to the Reach For The Stars gala after we finished the drive from South Carolina to Orlando.  Tuesday was the big day of the week, as I broke 20,000 steps for the first time with the Fitbit and notched my second highest total of all time, thanks to a trip to Hollywood Studios followed by a walk around Epcot.  Wednesday was supposed to be Universal day to see Harry Potter, but poor Val couldn’t make it, leaving Jeff and I to make short work of the park, leaving me with just over 14,000 steps.  A complete change of plans on Thursday led us back to Hollywood Studios for some shopping and then a trip to the airport to fly home.  Back home, Friday was much more back to usual, finishing just over 6500 steps.  Saturday was a bit of a bust, as I fell back down under 5000 steps.

Total steps: 71,777

Daily average: 10,253.9

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