Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

Major League Baseball owners have allegedly approved a plan that could see the 2020 season start around Independence Day.  With a second spring training starting in mid-June at each team’s home ballpark, an 82 game schedule would start in July and would be limited to regional opponents.  Teams would only face opponents from their own division and the same division in the opposite league.  Teams unable to open in their cities due to legal restrictions would temporarily relocate, either to their spring training facilities or major-league parks in other parts of the country.

There are some major roadblocks on the way to implementing this plan, chief among them government participation in states like California and Illinois and the pesky issue of player compensation.  The owners would like to see a revenue sharing plan implemented, since there will be no gate revenues, at least at the beginning of the season, while the MLBPA has rejected that outright, likening it to a salary cap.

Does this plan put us closer to baseball coming back?  Yes.  But, it isn’t a sure thing and it is just as likely that the 4th of July comes and goes and America’s pastime remains on the sidelines.

FB4: Week 23

After a disappointing start to the week, a nice bounce back due to some changes at work.  Sunday got off to a slow start, as I spent all day inside the house and finished with a whopping 1900 steps.  Things improved immensely on Monday, thanks to a move to Willow and my continuing to park at South and spend some of my time there in the lab.  I finished the day with over 9200 steps.  Tuesday was also a good day, coming in 11 steps shy of 9000.  I celebrated Independence Day on Wednesday by taking off for a long walk, including a stop at the (not so) local Starbucks, which was good for nearly 15,700 steps.  Thursday and Friday finished a mere 10 steps apart, both over 7400 steps.  Saturday used a trip to the grocery store and an afternoon walk to finish over 8100 steps.

Total steps: 58,812

Daily average: 8401.7

Fitbit III: Week 23

A good week, as I posted my highest total in a month.  Things got off to another slow start as, despite a trip to Guaranteed Rate Field, I failed to reach my daily goal on Sunday for the 5th straight week.  Monday was a good bounce back, coming in just under 9000 steps thanks to a long walk on the day off.  Tuesday was Independence Day, which, again, used a long neighborhood walk to surpass 8300 steps.  Wednesday was back to work, where I managed to surpass 9000 steps.  Another off day on Thursday, thanks to a make-up date at Wrigley Field from a May rainout, ended with 7500 steps.  Friday was the big day of the week, combining an exciting work day with an afternoon walk for a 10,000 step day.  Saturday combined a trip to the grocery store, a haircut, and going in to the city for Roscoe Village Burger Fest and an evening showing of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Total steps: 57,433

Daily average: 8204.7

FB2: Week 23

FB2_Week23My consecutive days over goal streak has now reached 30 days, with a so-so week saved by a top 25 day on Saturday.  Things got off to a decent enough start on Sunday, thanks to a morning walk in the neighborhood followed by Danny’s graduation party.  Monday was Independence Day and another early walk around town helped me surpass my daily goal.  Tuesday was back to work and the return of the afternoon coffee run.  Wednesday was the weak link of the week, finishing a mere 54 steps above my 6000 goal.  Things bounced back a bit on Thursday and Friday, as both days approached 7000 steps.  Saturday was the big day of the week, as the White Sox victory over the Braves was followed by a trip downtown for Taste of Chicago with Hayley, resulting in close to 14,000 steps.

Total steps: 53,974

Daily average: 7710.6