Against The Marlins All Time Leaders – Through 2021

In the past, we’ve looked at the all time leaders in both offensive and defensive categories for all 30 teams. This offseason, we will take our first ever look at those leaders against all 30 clubs. We continue today with the Miami Marlins.

The Marlins began life in 1993, joining the National League along with the Rockies.  In 2012, they rebranded as the Miami Marlins in conjunction with the opening of their new, tax payer funded stadium in the city of Miami.  I’ve seen them play 25 times, including 3 victories during their unlikely triumph in the 2003 NLCS against the Cubs and once, as the home team against the Expos, at US Cellular Field in 2004, but not since 2013.

Home Runs

Name Total
Derrek Lee 5
Sammy Sosa 3
Ryan Theriot 2
Alex Gonzalez 2
Moises Alou 2
Aramis Ramirez 2


Name Total
Derrek Lee 16
Sammy Sosa 12
Aramis Ramirez 11


Name Total
Derrek Lee 9
Sammy Sosa 9
Aramis Ramirez 5


Name Total
Derrek Lee 12
Sammy Sosa 6
Aramis Ramirez 6
Alex Gonzalez 6
Jerry Hairston Jr. 6


Name Total
Derrek Lee 5
Sammy Sosa 3
Alex Gonzalez 3
Michael Barrett 3
Jeromy Burnitz 3


Name Total
Aramis Ramirez 1
Jerry Hairston Jr. 1
Ryan Theriot 1
Mark Grudzielanek 1
Todd Walker 1
Carlos Zambrano 1

Batting Average (> 9 AB)

Name Total
Jerry Hairston Jr. 0.438
Jeromy Burnitz 0.438
Paul Konerko 0.412

Stolen Bases

Name Total
Tom Goodwin 3
Derrek Lee 2
Kosuke Fukudome 2


Name Total
Aramis Ramirez 12
Derrek Lee 11
Sammy Sosa 9

And now, the defensive side of the ball.


Name Total
Matt Clement 2
8 tied with 1


Name Total
Ted Lilly 2
12 tied with 1

ERA (> 7 IP)

Name Total
Jake Peavy 1.00
Sean Marshall 1.35
Greg Maddux 2.00


Name Total
Ted Lilly 20
Carlos Zambrano 17
Matt Clement 15


Name Total
Carlos Zambrano 5
Mike Remlinger 5
Kyle Farnsworth 4
Ryan Dempster 4
Joe Borowski 4
Antonio Alfonseca 4


Name Total
Ryan Dempster 1
Joe Borowski 1
Bobby Jenks 1
LaTroy Hawkins 1
Addison Reed 1

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