Fitbit Year 5

year ago, I set a goal of 2,730,000 steps, an average of 7500 steps per day. Thanks in part to only 12 weeks where I managed to meet that combined daily goal, I fell 237,254 short of my challenge, the first time I’ve failed to surpass my yearly goal since 2014 under the old GlobalFit program. My average step total per week was 47,937.42, which comes out to about 6848.203 per day. The median weekly total was 44,710.  My best week was Week 19, where trips to Baltimore and Washington DC propelled me over 105,900 steps for the week.  My worst week was Week 44, where Thanksgiving left me wanting.

For the upcoming year, I’m going to keep things as is, in the hopes that I can reverse this downward trend. I am leaving my goal for steps per day at 7500, which would again bring me to a yearly total of 2,730,000 steps. Hopefully the second attempt is the one that sticks.

Fitbit V: Week 44

Thanksgiving week was, quite possibly, my worst week in 4+ years.  Things got off to a poor start on Sunday, where I came 1 step shy of 4500 steps, thanks to schlepping up Christmas decorations from the basement.  Monday finished just over 3500 steps, despite a trip into the city for dinner.  Tuesday was back up around 4400 steps.  Wednesday finished 1 step shy of 4000 steps.  Thanksgiving itself came in with a sad total of 2350 steps.  Friday bounced back a little bit, jumping all the way up to 3200 steps.  Saturday was the low point of the week, coming 1 step shy of 1700.

Total steps: 23,704

Daily average: 3386.3

Fitbit Year 4

year ago, I set a goal of 2,548,000 steps, an average of 7000 steps per day. Despite 20 weeks where I failed to meet that combined daily goal, I managed to easily surpass my challenge, coming in with 2,792,115 total steps. My average step total per week was 53,694.52, which comes out to about 7670.646 per day. The median weekly total was 52,487.5. My best week was Week 8, where trips to Las Vegas and Phoenix propelled me over 97,000 steps for the week.  My worst week was Week 43, where Thanksgiving and Black Friday left me wanting.

For the upcoming year, I plan to up the ante again. I am upping my goal for steps per day from 7000 to 7500, which would bring me to a yearly total of 2,730,000 steps. Seeing as I surpassed that total this year, with over 62,000 steps to spare, I expect I will have no issue with this.

FB4: Week 43

Yet another disappointing week, as I fell below goal for the fourth consecutive week and managed to put up my lowest weekly total of the year.  Sunday was a bad start to the week, as I managed to finish just shy of 3000 steps.  Monday was a nice bounce back, coming in just over 7000 steps, thanks to a trip in to the city for games and lunch.  Tuesday improved on that, with over 7700 steps, thanks to breakfast with Michael and a car wash, amongst other chores.  Wednesday was the high point of the week, and seemed to put me back on track, when a walk to the neighborhood Chase got me up over 10,000 steps.  Thursday, being Thanksgiving and all, is when things really fell apart, as I managed just over 2100 steps.  Friday was technically better, but still but only by 100 steps or so.  Saturday saw an increase, up to 4400 steps, but not enough to salvage the week.

Total steps: 36,438

Daily average: 5205.4

Book 19 (of 52) – Talking as Fast as I Can

Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls To Gilmore Girls (And Everything In Between) – Lauren Graham

With the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls dropping on Thanksgiving in 2016, this memoir from series star Lauren Graham hit the streets the following week.  In it, she details some of her early life, her road to stardom, experiencing the hit that was Gilmore Girls, revisiting the series (and the character) 9 years later, and a smattering of Parenthood and its impacts on her personal life.

Graham has a breezy style that matches the comedy of the characters she has played over the years.  She provides an interesting look behind the scenes of one of my favorite shows and shares the same giddy anticipation at returning to Stars Hollow that viewers felt leading up to the release of the revival.

Fitbit III: Week 44

Another disappointing week, though one that looks worse than it actually was due to technological difficulties.  My Thanksgiving vacation came to an unsatisfying conclusion on Sunday, with a whopping 2600 steps.  Things bounced back on Monday, as I went back to work and managed to surpass my daily goal for the first time since the previous Wednesday.  Tuesday somehow managed to fall exactly at 6500 steps.  Wednesday combined a trip in to the city to pick up a cake for Val, a day of work, and then a trip out at night to make the week’s best day at over 7800 steps.  Thursday had another night out after work to come in just over my daily goal.  Friday should have been a good day, with a trip to Woodfield Mall for our annual holiday party, but a botched software update to the Fitbit made me lose most of my activity for the day.  Given that the week was already shot, I saw no reason to put special effort in on Saturday, again failing to surpass 3000 steps.

Total steps: 36,013

Daily average: 5144.7

Fitbit III: Week 43

A disappointing week, with my lowest total since early August of 2016.  Things got off to a telling start on Sunday, as I barely managed to surpass 2200 steps.  Things bounced back with good days on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, thanks to unseasonably warm weather and vacation.  Thanksgiving caused things to fall off again on Thursday, as I failed to hit 4000 steps.  Friday saw a small increase, coming in at just over 4500 steps.  Saturday was another failure, getting only 2600 steps to end the week.

Total steps: 36,229

Daily average: 5175.6

FB2: Week 51

A pretty good week as I posted my highest total since the week before Thanksgiving.  Things got off to a decent start on Sunday, as I managed to just cross my daily step goal.  Monday was a typical day at work, coming in around 6500 steps.  Tuesday saw a big increase, with close to 9500 steps, thanks to lots of walking around the work place.  Wednesday and Thursday were spent in training, so I didn’t get my usual chances to get up and around.  Friday was a bit of a bounce back as I spent the day working before working all night on a deployment.  Following a little sleep, a nearly 60 degree day on Saturday led my first 10,000 step day of 2017 and the first I’ve had in January since 2012.

Total steps: 49,691

Daily average: 7098.7

FB2: Week 44

fb2_week44A mediocre week, though I did pass my goal for the year a full 8 weeks early.  Meaning I could go the next 8 weeks without taking another step and still average over 6000 steps per week for the entire year.  The week got off to a slow start on Sunday as I enjoyed the last day of the Thanksgiving vacation before heading back to work.  The entire work week was good, though unspectacular, as I finished each day somewhere between 6,417 and 8,317 steps.  Saturday was another down day, though better than Sunday.

Total steps: 43,916

Daily average: 6273.7

FB2: Week 43

fb2_week43A week off of work switched back and forth between good and bad days, with the week ending up just barely on the positive side.  Things got off to a slow start on Sunday where I did very little outside the house, finishing up at just over 3500 steps.  My fortunes turned around on Monday, where a trip to Rosemont to see Doctor Strange with Hayley and a car accident put me over 11,500 steps.  Tuesday was another down day, despite a lunch date with Michael and a trip downtown to the Civic Opera House to see the premiere of the 2016 World Series film.  Wednesday bounced back to nearly 6800 steps thanks to trips to multiple grocery stores to prepare for Thanksgiving.  Thursday, being Thanksgiving, was the worst day of the week, finishing with just over 3000 steps.  Friday and Saturday both used neighborhood walks to push above the 6000 step mark and the weekly 42,000 step goal.

Total steps: 42,082

Daily average: 6011.7