iTunes Top 200 Artists: #81-88

3 years ago, we first counted down the then Top 100 artists in my iTunes library.  Since that time, I’ve successfully managed to migrate my music collection to a new PC with the stats intact.  So, I figured it was time to take another look, expanding out the field to the top 200 artists, based on number of plays from late 2007 through January 1, 2017.

We continue our march up through the the top 100 with this next batch of artists, which includes:

#88: Soul Asylum
iTunes stats: 54 plays
Previous ranking: #70

20 new listens for the Minneapolis-based band causes them to drop 18 spots in the rankings.

#88: John Morris
iTunes stats: 54 plays
Previous ranking: N/A

The composer of the score from the best movie ever made, Clue: The Movie.

#88: Artie Lange
iTunes stats: 54 plays
Previous ranking: #76

The comedy stylings of Arthur Lange drop 12 spots despite 23 new listens in the past 3 years.

#84: The Cranberries
iTunes stats: 56 plays
Previous ranking: #80

A small 4 spot drop for the Irish band, who picked up 26 new listens to their 8 tracks over the last 3 years.

#84: The Beastie Boys
iTunes stats: 56 plays
Previous ranking: #91

30 new listens in the last 3 years bumps the Beastie Boys up 7 spots in the rankings.

#84: Gin Blossoms
iTunes stats: 56 plays
Previous ranking: #63

25 years after the release of their debut album, the Arizona group drops 21 spots due to a small increase of 18 listens over the past 3 years.

#84: Christina Aguilera
iTunes stats: 56 plays
Previous ranking: N/A

A high debut for the Voice star, thanks, I think, due to the inclusion of Lady Marmalade to her total, where previously it was not.

#81: Sheryl Crow
iTunes stats: 57 plays
Previous ranking: N/A

A strong debut for the former backup singer for Michael Jackson.

#81: Frank Sinatra
iTunes stats: 57 plays
Previous ranking: N/A

The crooner from New Jersey and the leader of the Rat Pack makes his debut thanks mostly to the arrival of Todd Frazier on the White Sox, who uses Sinatra tunes as his at bat music.

#81: Fiona Apple
iTunes stats: 57 plays
Previous ranking: #76

Apple’s 5 tunes picked up 26 new listens in the last 3 years, causing a small 5 position drop.


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