iTunes Top 200 Artists: #61-70

3 years ago, we first counted down the then Top 100 artists in my iTunes library.  Since that time, I’ve successfully managed to migrate my music collection to a new PC with the stats intact.  So, I figured it was time to take another look, expanding out the field to the top 200 artists, based on number of plays from late 2007 through January 1, 2017.

We continue the long slog towards the top with today’s entry, which includes:

#70: The Muffs
iTunes stats: 62 plays
Previous ranking: #67

A slight 3 spot drop for the band most well known for a Fruitopia commercial back in the day.

#69: Bush
iTunes stats: 63 plays
Previous ranking: #68

The British band rode the alternative wave of the early to mid 90s to have 6 songs make up their total, with 28 additional listens in the past 3 years.

#68: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
iTunes stats: 64 plays
Previous ranking: #80

An impressive 12 spot jump for the rap duo, who added 1 new track and 34 new listens over the past 3 years.

#66: Mazzy Star
iTunes stats: 65 plays
Previous ranking: #59

Only 25 new listens contributed to the 7 spot drop for the tippy band.

#66: John Williams
iTunes stats: 65 plays
Previous ranking: #98

The composer of some of the most popular and recognizable film scores in cinematic history, including the Star Wars and Superman series, has a nice 32 spot jump thanks to 42 new listens over the last 3 years.

#65: Warrant
iTunes stats: 66 plays
Previous ranking: #74

The favorite of strip clubs everywhere, and the Adam Carolla Show, added 34 new listens, good enough for a 9 spot jump.

#64: TLC
iTunes stats: 70 plays
Previous ranking: #57

A slight 7 spot drop for the hip hop trio, who used 6 songs to make up their total.

#63: Run DMC
iTunes stats: 72 plays
Previous ranking: #59

The rap pioneers from New York added 32 new listens to their 6 songs to make up their number.

#62: Sam Kinison
iTunes stats: 73 plays
Previous ranking: #80

43 new listens to the 14 tracks from Have You Seen Me Lately? make up the total for the late comedian, who jumps up 18 spots in the rankings.

#61: Barenaked Ladies
iTunes stats: 74 plays
Previous ranking: #70

The Canadian band used 40 new listens to their 4 different songs, although mostly just one, to jump up 9 slots on the list.

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