Fitbit 6: Week 1

We kick off the 6th year of Fitbit use with yet another down week, though I continue to trend in the right direction.  The week got off to a better than usual  start on Sunday, with 3800 steps, thanks to my trip to the Chicago Magic Lounge the night before which kept me out past midnight.  Monday managed to just slip past my old/continuing goal of 7500 steps, despite a double whammy of PI planning in the morning and a DevOps workshop in the afternoon.  Tuesday was not as lucky, as I was only able to score 5600 steps.  Wednesday was a nice bounce back, with 7600 steps on the nose as we wrapped up PI planning.  The workshop wrapped up on Thursday, though I managed to net over 9300 steps.  Friday combined a morning trip to the Tech Café with an afternoon coffee run to score 8700 steps.  Saturday was another disappointment, getting only 4000 steps despite a trip to Evanston for the Purdue/Northwestern basketball game.

Total steps: 46,827

Daily average: 6689.6

Fitbit V: Week 43

Yet another horrible week.  Sunday got things started with a bang, as I finished with a grand total of 2400 steps.  Monday rebounded a little bit, but PI Planning kept me at my desk most of the day, so I finished just over 6500 steps.  Tuesday was more of the same, with worse results as I came in just shy of 5500 steps.  Wednesday was the low point of the work week, with less than 4200 steps.  Thursday wrapped up PI Planning and improved a bit, up to 5000 steps.  Friday was the high point of the week, with a rousing total of 6700 steps.  Finally, the less said about Saturday’s 2100 steps, the better.

Total steps: 32,623

Daily average: 4660.4

FB4: Week 32

A decent week, with 6 days above goal but no single outstanding day.  Labor Day weekend had Sunday and Monday coming in at nearly identical totals, coming in just 12 steps apart at just over 7100 steps each.  Tuesday was Day 1 of PI Planning, so walks to North enabled me to come in over 7500 steps.  Wednesday’s day 2 of PI Planning had me over 8600 steps.  Thursday combined work and some initial packing to come in at nearly 7400 steps.  A post-work trip to Guaranteed Rate Field for my final regular season game of the year helped Friday to finish over 8300 steps.  A good portion of Saturday was spent on a plane, so the pre-flight walking through O’Hare attributed for the 5100 steps I finished with.

Total steps: 51,202

Daily average: 7314.6