FB8 – Week 33

Another mildly successful week kept me above 30,000 for the second week in a row.  Things got off to a slow start on Sunday, where I finished with 2500 steps while dealing with sore feet and an afternoon spent at a family BBQ.  Monday saw a slight increase, coming 21 steps shy of 3200.  Another nice jump on Tuesday put me up over 4300 steps.  Wednesday was even better, rising up to 5400 steps.  Things fell off a bit on Thursday, finishing with 4200 steps.  A couple of laps around Armour Square Park on Friday left me with 6900 steps, my best day of the week.  The week wrapped up on Saturday with 4100 steps.

Total steps: 30,805

Daily average: 4400.7

Fitbit VII – Week 39

Another disappointing week, though I did manage to get back up over 30,000 steps.  Things got off to what passes for a decent enough start on Sunday, as I finished 20 steps shy of 4600.  Monday was slightly better, as I got outside for a walk around the block which helped put me over 5200 steps.  Tuesday fell off a bit, coming just 22 steps away from 4000.  Wednesday, as usual, was the worst day of the week, falling down to 3000 steps.  Thursday saw a healthy increase, jumping back up to 4700 steps.  Friday was even better, thanks to a day off and a trip down to the south side for lunch at Ricobene’s and some walking around Armour Square Park and Guaranteed Rate Field, finishing only 34 steps shy of 6900.  Saturday was a bust of a day, with only 3300 steps.

Total steps: 31,872

Daily average: 4553.1