iTunes Top 200 Artists: #148-154

It’s been 4 years since we last counted down the Top 200 artists in my iTunes library.  Since my iTunes stats are still intact, across multiple PCs, iPods, iPads, and iPhones, I figured it was time to take another look at the artists that have entertained me the most based on number of plays from late 2007 through January 1, 2021.

We continue today with our next batch of 10 artists, the 7 tied for 154th place, 2 tied for 152nd, and the first of 4 tied for 148th.  We only have 3 bands and/or performers that are newcomers to the list this week.

#154: The Mamas & The Papas
iTunes stats: 55 plays
Previous ranking: #159

Together for only 4 years in the mid-to-late 60s, the influential vocal group, inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1998, rises 4 slots while adding 26 new plays for the 3 songs in my collection.

#154: The B-52’s
iTunes stats: 55 plays
Previous ranking: #179

The Georgia-based new wave band more than doubled the listens to the 3 songs they have in my collection.

#154: B.J. Thomas
iTunes stats: 55 plays
Previous ranking: N/A

A 34 play increase for the American singer gives him an impressive debut on the chart.

#154: Tag Team
iTunes stats: 55 plays
Previous ranking: N/A

Thank to their inclusion on my Cubs victory playlist, the one hit wonders increased their listens by 250% to make a strong debut.

#154: Hootie & The Blowfish
iTunes stats: 55 plays
Previous ranking: N/A

A third straight debut, thanks in part to 34 new listens for the 5 songs Hootie has placed in my collection.

#154: Belinda Carlisle
iTunes stats: 55 plays
Previous ranking: #123

The former lead singer of the Go-Go’s drops 21 spots after adding a mere 20 new listens to the 3 tracks I have in my collection.

#154: Warren G
iTunes stats: 55 plays
Previous ranking: #129

The stepbrother of Dr. Dre combines the total from 3 tracks off his debut album to add 21 additional plays, causing him to drop 25 spots on the chart.

#152: Live
iTunes stats: 56 plays
Previous ranking: #167

The Pennsylvania-based band maintains a pretty even split amongst 3 different tunes while more than doubling their previous total to move up 15 slots on the chart.

#152: Poe
iTunes stats: 54 plays
Previous ranking: #164

The trippy singer, who became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2014, scores with 4 different songs to exactly double her number of listens over the past 4 years.

#148: Billy Idol
iTunes stats: 57 plays
Previous ranking: #139

The 70s punk, who was a leader of the MTV-fueled second British Invasion in the early 80s, added 24 new listens to the 3 tracks in my collection, causing him to drop 9 slots on the chart.

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