Blue Jays All Time Leaders – Through 2019

jaysnewWith baseball shut down because of the corona virus, I thought it would be an interesting time to look back at the all time leaders in both offensive and defensive categories for all 30 teams. We continue today with the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Blue Jays began life in 1977, joining the American League along with the Mariners. I’ve seen them play 26 times, first in 1984 and, most recently, last May 19.

Home Runs

Name Total
Edwin Encarnacion 2
Josh Donaldson 2
Danny Jansen 2
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 2


Name Total
Vernon Wells 16
Edwin Encarnacion 11
Reed Johnson 8
Jose Bautista 8


Name Total
Vernon Wells 7
Edwin Encarnacion 5
Jose Reyes 4
Aaron Hill 4
Reed Johnson 4
Justin Smoak 4


Name Total
Jose Bautista 8
Edwin Encarnacion 8
Lyle Overbay 6


Name Total
Vernon Wells 6
Jose Bautista 4
Lyle Overbay 3
Adam Lind 3
Justin Smoak 3


Name Total
Reed Johnson 1
Shannon Stewart 1

Batting Average (> 9 AB)

Name Total
Reed Johnson 0.500
Billy McKinney 0.500
Marco Scutaro 0.417

Stolen Bases

Name Total
Rajai Davis 3
7 tied with 1

And now, the defensive side of the ball.


Name Total
Jason Frasor 2
Shaun Marcum 2
11 tied with 1


Name Total
10 tied with 1

ERA (> 7 IP)

Name Total
Shaun Marcum 1.76
Mark Buehrle 2.03
Roy Halladay 3.00


Name Total
Shaun Marcum 14
Roy Halladay 13
Brett Cecil 11


Name Total
Jason Frasor 5
Scott Downs 5
Brett Cecil 4


Name Total
Casey Janssen 2
B.J. Ryan 2
Miguel Batista 2
Roberto Osuna 2

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