2019 Predictions Revisited

Six months ago, at the dawn of the 2019 baseball season, I made my annual predictions as to who would win what.  Now that the regular season has come to an end, it is time revisit those predictions and see what, if anything, I got right.

American League

East: Yankees

Well, one for one so far.  This one wasn’t particularly close, as the Yankees won 103 games and won the division by 7 games.

Central: Indians

So much for going perfect.  The Indians saw their run of 3 consecutive division titles come to an end at the hands of the upstart Twins.

West: Astros

The Astros put up the best record in baseball, so this one was pretty much a gimme.

Wild Cards: Red Sox, Angels

No and No.  Right divisions, but the Rays and the A’s took home the Wild Cards.

AL Champion: Astros

This one is looking pretty good.

Cy Young: Justin Verlander

As is this one.  It will likely come down to him or teammate Gerrit Cole.

MVP: George Springer

I think I picked the wrong Astro.

National League

East: Phillies

I did not believe that the Braves were for real, but they were.  The Phillies, sadly, were not.

Central: Cardinals

Another one I got correct!

West: Rockies

Yeah, I was a little off here, as the Dodgers won 106 games and the Rockies finished 35 games back.

Wild Cards: Dodgers, Nationals

One of these was correct.  The Brewers join the Nationals in the Wild Card.

NL Champion: Cardinals

Not likely.

Cy Young: Jacob deGrom

A possibility.

MVP: Paul Goldschmidt

And that’s a no.

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