All Time Pitching Leaders – Through 2018

baseballs3White Sox pitchers and catchers hold their first spring workout today, so it is time for our annual look at the pitching leaders in the now 911 games I’ve attended, and identified, between 1984 and 2018. Very little difference from last year with no new faces, but a few categories have some movement on the leader board.  So, without further ado, let’s get things started with our first category, the always popular:


Name Total
Mark Buehrle 31
Gavin Floyd 24
Carlos Zambrano 21
Chris Sale 21
John Danks 19


Name Total
Mark Buehrle 17
John Danks 16
Carlos Zambrano 15
Gavin Floyd 15
Jose Quintana 15

ERA (>= 35 IP)

Name Total
David Robertson 2.17
DJ Carrasco 2.20
Nate Jones 2.25
Matt Thornton 2.32
Dontrelle Willis 2.38

ERA (>= 70 IP)

Name Total
Matt Thornton 2.32
Jon Lester 2.60
Carlos Marmol 2.79
Chris Sale 3.09
Bobby Jenks 3.33


Name Total
Chris Sale 313
Mark Buehrle 295
Carlos Zambrano 292
Gavin Floyd 269
John Danks 246


Name Total
Matt Thornton 122
Bobby Jenks 87
Carlos Marmol 75
Mark Buehrle 73
Ryan Dempster 69


Name Total
Bobby Jenks 37
David Robertson 18
Joe Borowski 15
Ryan Dempster 14
Kerry Wood 11
Addison Reed 11

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