You Ought To Be In (20) Pictures

Movie_Reel_22Many years ago, using the weekly TV guide that came with the Sunday Chicago Tribune, I started keeping track of all of the movies I had seen over the course of my lifetime.  The guide would list the two main stars for each movie, and that is a tradition that I’ve carried on in my database ever since.  So, given those guidelines, it is time to look at all of the actors that have starred in at least 10 films that I have seen, as of May 30th.

Today, we look at the 1 actor that has starred in 20 movies that I have seen, down 1 from what we saw 3 years ago.

Julia Roberts

A 2 spot jump for Julia Roberts, who had been fallow since 2010 before bouncing back with 2 entries earlier this year, 2011’s Larry Crowne and 2016’s Money Monster.

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