Global Fit Week 1

At work, we’ve started a “new program” that “encourages you to track your steps and help you to focus on your fitness in a simple and accessible way. The core component of Destination: You is the Tracker, which uses an accelerometer to accurately calculate the number of steps, distance walked, calories burned and time of activity.”

I thought I could use the motivation to get up and move around a bit more (and maybe even go to the gym), so I signed up.  The results from week 1 were not exactly pretty.

We didn’t get the trackers until Tuesday afternoon, so that explains the low total there.  According to The Walking Site, a sedentary person averages only 1,000 to 3,000 steps per day, and I am barely surpassing that.  Of course, this doesn’t count any steps I take at home, since I don’t wear my shoes in the house, but I doubt that would provide any significant increase.

I guess I am posting this in order to shame myself into doing better and to track any progress I may make.  They say 10,000 steps per day is a good guideline.  After 1 week, I barely approached the halfway point.


  1. Hi, I’m Frank from GlobalFit. I see that your first-week results for Destination: You came as a bit of a surprise. Not to worry: yours is a common reaction.

    We designed D:Y specifically to help busy working people like you do two things: first, see how much activity you’re REALLY getting (that’s where you are now), and second, build on that by adding more activity into your everyday routine. For you, that’s the journey that lies ahead.

    D:Y supplies some tools to help you out. Right now, you can look in the Results section (in the top navigation, it’s under the Home tab); you’ll find charts that show your activity hour-by-hour, and that can help you identify the periods of inactivity in your day where you can plan to do a little more. And under the Resources tab, you’ll find articles on fitness and motivation that you may find useful. You’ll also receive weekly update emails, and each one features a tip to help you get more active.

    They say that a thousand-mile journey begins with a single step, and that’s true. With Destination: You, we also see that the journey to better health often begins with just 4,000 steps a day. Whether you join a gym, take up jogging, go bowling, or just add some casual walks to your day, it’s a journey that can be a lot of fun.

    We’ll check back on your blog to follow your adventure in the coming weeks. Safe travels!

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