Fitbit VII – Week 19

A move in the right direction this week, thanks in part to multiple baseball related outings.  Things got off to a decent enough start on Sunday, as I traveled to Guaranteed Rate field and finished with 4700 steps.  I celebrated the Memorial Day holiday on Monday with a trip to Wrigley Field, which left me with 6400 steps.  Tuesday’s return trip to Wrigley Field left me over goal with 7600 steps.  Left to my own devices on Wednesday, I managed only 5200 steps.  Thursday was the lowest day of the week, but still had 4400 steps.  Friday was back over 5000 steps, thanks to a trip out with friends after work.  Saturday sent me back to the ballpark followed by a trip out for dinner, ending with 5700 steps.

Total steps: 39,311

Daily average: 5615.9

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