Fitbit VII – Week 19

A move in the right direction this week, thanks in part to multiple baseball related outings.  Things got off to a decent enough start on Sunday, as I traveled to Guaranteed Rate field and finished with 4700 steps.  I celebrated the Memorial Day holiday on Monday with a trip to Wrigley Field, which left me with 6400 steps.  Tuesday’s return trip to Wrigley Field left me over goal with 7600 steps.  Left to my own devices on Wednesday, I managed only 5200 steps.  Thursday was the lowest day of the week, but still had 4400 steps.  Friday was back over 5000 steps, thanks to a trip out with friends after work.  Saturday sent me back to the ballpark followed by a trip out for dinner, ending with 5700 steps.

Total steps: 39,311

Daily average: 5615.9

Fitbit VII – Week 17

Things continue to trend in the right direction, as I managed to post my first 10,000 step day and my first 40,000 step week since March.  The week got off to a decent enough start on Sunday, as the final day of my 7 games in 6 days week at Guaranteed Rate Field left me 6 steps over 6000.  Monday fell off a bit, coming in 8 steps shy of 4800.  Tuesday was the low point of the week, finishing with a mere 3100 steps.  A trip to Wrigley Field after work on Wednesday put me over goal, finishing with 8300 steps.  Thursday fell back down again, with only 4200 steps.  Friday saw an increase up to 5500 steps.  Saturday’s trip to Brookfield Zoo put me 20 steps shy of 10,900.

Total steps: 42,962

Daily average: 6137.4

Fitbit VII – Week 11

A decent pandemic week, though still quite shy of my goal.  Things got off to a good start on Sunday, as a trip in to Chicago to celebrate birthdays with Val and Daryl put me over 7500 steps.  Monday and Tuesday were slight disappointments, as I finished over 7000 and 7100 steps respectively, but couldn’t get those few additional steps to put me over goal.  Things fell off on Wednesday, as I dropped down to 4000 steps due to meeting after meeting after meeting.  Thursday saw a bit of a bounce back, thanks to the White Sox home opener and my triumphant return to Guaranteed Rate Field, leaving me with 6400 steps.  Friday was a little worse, with only 4800 steps.  A rainout on Saturday kept me home all day, which left me only 3 steps shy of 2400.

Total steps: 39,524

Daily average: 5646.3

Fitbit VII – Week 10

The final week of the March Madness Step Challenge fell short of my weekly goal, as I fell off as the week went on.  The week got off to a good start on Sunday, as I picked up 8900 steps.  Monday I fell off a bit, going down to 6200 steps.  Tuesday fell even more, as I just managed to surpass 4900 steps.  Wednesday was easily the worst day of the week, as I finished with only 2200 steps, my lowest total since early February.  Thursday bounced back a bit, rising up to 4100 steps.  Friday was down again, dropping back to 3600 steps.  Saturday saw a nice bounce back, with 5500 steps, thanks to an afternoon trip to the local Jewel.

Total steps: 35,756

Daily average: 5108

Fitbit VII – Week 8

As we kick off our second year of working remotely, a little good news as, thanks to a March Madness step challenge at work, I managed to finish the week over goal for the first time since early August.  The week got off to a good start on Sunday, where I managed to pick up 9100 steps, my highest single day total since my vacation to Michigan in early September.  Monday fell off, coming in 7 steps shy of 5800 as the weather turned bad.  Tuesday bounced back, as I managed to get back over goal with 7600 steps.  Wednesday went back down again, but to a still respectable 6,666 steps.  Thursday saw another big increase, jumping all the way up to 9100 steps.  Friday was a bit of an adventure, as I drove down to Purdue to pick up Danny before heading to Indianapolis to see Purdue disappoint in the NCAA Tournament, ending up with 9600 steps, although I think I lost a few along the way as I relived the 11 PM hour thanks to the time change between EDT and CDT.  Saturday, despite being sore as all get-out from Friday, I still managed to get 7500 steps.

Total steps: 55,581

Daily average: 7940.1

Fitbit VII – Week 7

We wrap up a full year of pandemic-induced working from home with a pretty decent week, my best weekly total since I went to Michigan in September.  Spring-like weather helped me get the week off to a good start on Sunday, as I took an afternoon walk to listen to the White Sox game on the radio and finished 10 steps shy of 7700, my first day over goal in over a month.  I managed to better my performance on Monday, racking up over 7900 steps and finishing over goal two days in a row for the first time since early November.  Tuesday was yet another winner, with 7800 steps, giving me 3 straight days over goal for the first time since that September trip to Michigan.  Things fell apart a bit on Wednesday, where meetings kept me chained to my desk all day and left me with only 3200 steps.  Thursday saw a decent bounce back, as I was able to get back up to 5900 steps.  Friday saw another slight decline, coming 17 steps shy of 5300.  Saturday saw a nice improvement, despite the spring-like weather starting to fade, finishing over 6000 steps.

Total steps: 43,992

Daily average: 6284.6

Fitbit VII – Week 5

A big drop down in steps from last week, despite the temperature finally starting to break in a good way.  Things got off to a decent-enough start on Sunday, falling 1 step shy of 4300.  Monday was almost the same, coming in just 4 steps short of 4200.  Tuesday fell off a cliff, as a busy day of meetings left me with only 2400 steps.  Wednesday bounced back a bit, going all the way back up to 3800 steps.  Thursday was another busy meeting day, coming in with the low total of the week with only 2200 steps.  Friday saw another improvement, going up to 3700 steps.  Saturday saw the best weather of 2021 so far, and an afternoon walk helped to propel me to the week’s best day, with more than 6100 steps.

Total steps: 26,852

Daily average: 3836

Fitbit VII – Week 4

A nice increase from last week, in steps if not in temperature, as winter continued showing its ugly side for the second straight week.  Things got off to a decent-enough start on Sunday, as I managed 4100 steps.  Monday saw an increase, thanks to yet another round of snow, which put me up to 6300 steps.  Tuesday saw even more snow, which boosted me back up a bit more, with over 6600 steps.  Wednesday saw the snow taper of, so the lack of snowblowing saw my steps taper off as well, falling 19 steps shy of 4000.  Thursday saw a further decrease, falling to 3700 steps.  Friday, despite being a day off of work, was the low point of the week, with only 3400 steps as I spent a couple of hours in the Tesla waiting room.  Saturday bounced back up a bit, coming in with 3600 steps.

Total steps: 31,947

Daily average: 4563.9

Fitbit 6: Week 52

Well, this horrid year comes to an end, with yet another disappointing week.  Things got off to what is now a decent enough start, with 4300 steps.  Monday was slightly better, jumping up to nearly 4800 steps.  Tuesday fell off a bit, going down to 4000 steps.  Wednesday I traveled to the office for the first time in 9 months in order to pack up all of my personal belongings, which led to 4600 steps.  Thursday was the high point of the week, coming in over 4900 steps.  Things fell off completely on Friday, where I finished 2 steps above 2900.  Saturday was a little better, with 3000 steps.

Total steps: 28,771

Daily average: 4110.1

Fitbit 6: Week 43

Week 36 of working from home due to the corona virus was an absolute shit show.  The week got off to a crap start on Sunday, finishing with over 2300 steps.  Monday saw a slight improvement, but only up to 3100 steps.  Tuesday was spent in meetings all day, leaving me 12 steps shy of 1300 steps.  Things got slightly better on Wednesday, as I made it all the way up to 1900 steps.  Thursday was a bell-weather day, as I managed to surpass 2000 steps.  Friday, the start of my Thanksgiving vacation, saw an actual increase, all the way up to 5100 steps.  Saturday was even better, as I finished over 5500 steps thanks to a trip to Mariano’s and Target.

Total steps: 21,576

Daily average: 3082.3