Fitbit VII – Week 17

Things continue to trend in the right direction, as I managed to post my first 10,000 step day and my first 40,000 step week since March.  The week got off to a decent enough start on Sunday, as the final day of my 7 games in 6 days week at Guaranteed Rate Field left me 6 steps over 6000.  Monday fell off a bit, coming in 8 steps shy of 4800.  Tuesday was the low point of the week, finishing with a mere 3100 steps.  A trip to Wrigley Field after work on Wednesday put me over goal, finishing with 8300 steps.  Thursday fell back down again, with only 4200 steps.  Friday saw an increase up to 5500 steps.  Saturday’s trip to Brookfield Zoo put me 20 steps shy of 10,900.

Total steps: 42,962

Daily average: 6137.4

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