Orioles All Time Leaders – Through 2019

oriolesWith baseball shut down because of the corona virus, I thought it would be an interesting time to look at the all time leaders in both offensive and defensive categories for all 30 teams. We continue today with the Baltimore Orioles.

The Orioles began life in 1901 as the Milwaukee Brewers, one of the charter members of the American League.  They moved to St. Louis the following year, becoming the Browns, before finally arriving in Baltimore in 1954.  I’ve seen them play 32 times in 6 different stadiums, first in 1985 at the original Comiskey Park and most recently last June at Camden Yards in Baltimore.

Home Runs

Name Total
Manny Machado 4
Brian Roberts 3
4 tied with 2


Name Total
Brian Roberts 31
Nick Markakis 17
Melvin Mora 14
Adam Jones 14


Name Total
Brian Roberts 17
Nick Markakis 8
Melvin Mora 8
Luke Scott 8
Adam Jones 8


Name Total
Brian Roberts 12
Manny Machado 9
Nick Markakis 8
Luke Scott 8


Name Total
Brian Roberts 6
Adam Jones 5
Melvin Mora 4


Name Total
Brian Roberts 2
5 tied with 1

Batting Average (> 9 AB)

Name Total
Felix Pie 0.563
David Segui 0.400
Brian Roberts 0.369

Stolen Bases

Name Total
Brian Roberts 7
5 tied with 2

And now, the defensive side of the ball.


Name Total
Jeremy Guthrie 3
Daniel Cabrera 2
9 tied with 1


Name Total
Jeremy Guthrie 3
Bud Norris 2
13 tied with 1

ERA (> 7 IP)

Name Total
Scott McGregor 1.00
Garrett Olson 2.53
Chris Tillman 3.45


Name Total
Jeremy Guthrie 21
Garrett Olson 11
Erik Bedard 10


Name Total
Jeremy Guthrie 6
Jim Johnson 6
B.J. Ryan 4
Jamie Walker 4


Name Total
6 tied with 1

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