Travelling The 50 States – District Of Columbia

Over my 47 years, I’ve done my fair share of travelling across these United States.  I thought it would be an interesting experiment go look back at those trips to each of the 31 states I have visited (62% isn’t bad, is it?) and see if, and when, I may be returning.  Working in alphabetical order, we continue today with the, umm… well, it isn’t really a state, but rather the seat of our federal government.  Founded in 1791 to house our nation’s capital, we present the District of Columbia.

StateDistrict: Columbia
Recognized as a federal district: 1801
Visits: 1

My one trip to Washington, DC came in June of 2019 to celebrate Michael’s graduation from junior high.  After arriving on Sunday night after an afternoon in nearby Baltimore, the week in DC was spent taking in most, if not all, of the tourist and historical sites.

We started things off on Monday with a trip to the Smithsonian Zoo, after which we headed towards the White House to check out the sites.  We followed that up on Tuesday with trips to the Smithsonian Museum of American History, Supreme Court Building, and the US Capitol, where we took a tour which led us out through the Library of Congress. We also spent some time on the National Mall, where we saw the Washington Monument

History and culture was put on hold on Wednesday in exchange for some Americana as we traveled to Nationals Park to see the hometown Nationals take on the White Sox.  A trip to the Newseum and the Jefferson Memorial, where we saw a half-dressed Big Bird in-between filming, returned us to the main thrust of the trip on Thursday.  Friday returned to the Mall, where we saw the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial, before heading to the National Air and Space Museum and then taking a tour of the White House.  After that, the plan called for a “show” at Ford’s Theatre, but a fire alarm cut that short.  Before heading to the airport on Saturday, we took another trip to the Mall to check out the World War II Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, and the Vietnam War Memorial.

Games Per Stadium – All Time

It’s been 4 years (to the day!) since we’ve taken a look at the now 27 different stadiums I’ve been to and how often I’ve been to them.  With the World Series over and the off season upon us, it’s time to update that list.  I’ve added 5 additional stadiums in this time, three in 2019 and two this year.  As usual, different names for the same physical stadium are counted separately.

Games Per Stadium
Stadium Name Total Games
US Cellular Field 414
Wrigley Field 370
Guaranteed Rate Field 122
Comiskey Park II 38
Comiskey Park 13
Great American Ballpark 7
Miller Park 7
Ameriquest Field 4
PETCO Park 3
Ballpark in Arlington, The 3
Progressive Field 2
Target Field 2
Tropicana Field 2
Comerica Park 2
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The DC Days Of Summer

We head into August with a plethora of photos from our family trip to Washington DC back in June of 2019.  Clockwise from the top left, we have Michael and our tour guide from our tour of the Capitol Building, Angelina resting by a reflecting pool, Danny and Michael at a fountain at the World War II memorial, Danny photobombing by the Capitol Building, Angelina resting (again) in Michael’s lap, the kids with the Abraham Lincoln racer at National’s Park, the three of them posing at the Smithsonian Zoo and resting on a curb, Angelina and Michael at the Capitol, and, finally, Danny, Angelina, and a photobombing squirrel resting by a tree.

Celebrating Independence

Danny takes the spotlight as we enter the second half of 2020.  The main shot of him is after corralling a foul ball at the May 17th game between the Blue Jays and the White Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field.  Next, he is posing in the outfield at Baltimore’s Camden Yards, followed by him and Michael at Washington’s Nationals Park.  Finally, he stands on the balcony outside the top floor of the Newseum in Washington DC.

2020 Calendar

Now that Christmas has come and gone, we can unveil the cover to this year’s calendar gift, given annually to my mom and sister, made up of pictures I have taken throughout the year, with entries from 5 different states.  Once again. this year’s calendar was produced by the good folks at Shutterfly. As in year’s past, we will unveil each month’s photo on the first day of the month throughout 2020.

This year’s cover features various shots of Angelina, Danny, and Michael in Washington, DC from our trip to celebrate Michael’s graduation in June.  There are photos from the US Capitol Building, the White House, Nationals Park, and the Supreme Court Building, with a special guest appearance from Abraham Lincoln.

Ballpark Tour: Nationals

With 2020 nearly upon us and spring training about 2 months away, we continue our tour of all of the different baseball stadiums I’ve been to over the years. This week, we head to our nation’s capital for a look at the defending World Series champion Washington Nationals. So, without further ado, let’s take a deeper look at my history, such as it is, with Nationals Park.

Stadium Name: Nationals Park

Years in Service: 2008 – Present

Visits: 1

After 3 seasons at RFK Stadium following their move from Montreal, the Washington Nationals moved into their new home for the 2008 season, starting with an 3-2 walk-off victory against the Braves on March 30th.  On January 1, 2015, the park hosted its first hockey game, as the Capitals defeated the Blackhawks in the Winter Classic.  The All-Star Game returned to Washington in 2018 for the first time since 1969, and, this past season, the park hosted the first World Series games in Washington since 1933.

I made my one trip to Nationals Park this past June 5, to see the Nationals defeat the White Sox 6-4.  The game was part of an overall trip to DC celebrating Michael’s grammar school graduation.  It was a beautiful afternoon, despite the result thanks to some bad bullpen results.

Games Per Stadium By Year

With the 2019 season in the rear view mirror, let’s take a look at the number of games I’ve attended per year at one of the 25 different stadiums I’ve visited over the years.


Year Stadium Name Total Games
2008 US Cellular Field 46
2003 Wrigley Field 46
Surprise playoff runs for the White Sox in 2008 and the Cubs in 2003 led to my highest single season totals ever, boosted by post-season play.
2007 Wrigley Field 43
2004 Wrigley Field 41
My highest non-playoff total saw me attending over half of the home games for the Cubs in 2004.
2011 US Cellular Field 40
2009 US Cellular Field 40
2010 US Cellular Field 36
2005 Wrigley Field 34
2008 Wrigley Field 34
2017 Guaranteed Rate Field 33
2006 US Cellular Field 32
Post World Series championship started an attendance jump.
2016 US Cellular Field 32
2012 US Cellular Field 31
2015 US Cellular Field 31
2007 US Cellular Field 29
2014 US Cellular Field 28
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Fitbit V: Week 19

My best week ever, and my second ever week with over 100,000 steps, with every single day coming in well over 10,00 steps.  Things got started on Sunday, when the whole family flew to Baltimore to celebrate Michael’s graduation.  The boys made a trip to Camden Yards to see the Orioles take on the Giants before taking a bus to Washington, where we met up with the girls.  All told, I ended up with nearly 12,200 steps.  Monday was the big day of the week, thanks to a trip to Smithsonian Zoo, which netted me over 24,600 steps.  Tuesday, we visited Museum of American History and went on a tour of the US Capitol, leading to 16,100 steps.  Wednesday, we headed to Nationals Park to see the White Sox battle the Nationals, coming in 11 steps shy of 13,000.  Thursday included a trip to the Newseum and the Jefferson Memorial, which left me 4 steps shy of 11,700.  Friday combined the Lincoln Memorial with a tour of the White House and left me 2 steps short of 16,400.  Saturday, the boys went on a walking monument tour before we all headed to the airport, finishing the week with over 11,800 steps.

Total steps: 105,924

Daily average: 15,132