Fitbit VII – Week 50

While not a great week by any means, it was my most consistent in quite some time, with every day finishing above 4000 steps.  A snowstorm on Saturday led to a good start on Sunday, as snowblowing led me to finish a mere 10 steps shy of 5200.  Monday, my final day of vacation, finished just slightly lower, with 4800 steps.  Tuesday was just a hair higher, again finishing with over 4800 steps.  Wednesday fell all the way down to 4750 steps, while Thursday jumped all the way back up to 4900 steps.  Friday was the worst day of the week, surpassing 4000 steps by 4.  Saturday was slightly better, coming 5 steps short of 4100.

Total steps: 32,644

Daily average: 4663.4

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